Friday, September 30, 2011

5 Things Friday: Favorite Blogs & Health Updates

It's that time again!

5 Health Thoughts/Updates:
1. Even though my MS is currently stable, I hate this feeling of being between MS neurologists, due to the retirement of my wonderful neurologist.
2. I tested negative for the JC virus recently.
3. I specified MS-neuro in #1 because I did just add a pain specialist neuro to my roster of docs on Team Kayla's Health, and so far I like him!
4. In direct connection to #3, I'm currently exploring some tweaks to my pain management routine, both pharmacological and otherwise. In the latter category is an upcoming appointment with a nerve pain PT specialist to discuss adjustments to my exercise routine that won't make the pain worse (meds cause weight gain, weight loss requires more exercise, exercise causes more pain, more pain causes more meds...and the cycle continues!) as well as other approaches to pain management, like TENS socks. In the former category is (hopefully, depending on the whims of the horrible, evil, no-good bean-counting turds insurance gods) intravenous Lidocaine and Lidoderm patches.
5. Remember way back when when I discussed my work on improving my general health care? Well, I haven't exactly followed through on that as well as I should have. Time to make some appointments!

5 Blogs Unrelated to Health Issues I Read Regularly That Probably Will Tell You a Lot About Me:
1. Bookshelf Porn: pictures of bookshelves filled with books. It sometimes almost makes me salivate.
2. lifehacker: sometimes a little nerdy, but full of tips and tricks on productivity, technology and more, running the gamut from clever to crazy.
3. thx thx thx: a handwritten thank-you note every day, written to people, inanimate objects, experiences, ideas and all kinds of other things. Often funny. Often inspires thoughtful consideration of things you don't always consider with gratitude.
4. Horn Matters: strangely enough the reason I discovered MS blogs at all (via the discovery of Lisa's Brass & Ivory through the story of her "metal taco" experience). So ultimately, you have Bruce and John to blame for the very existence of the MS muse! I am a horn dork above and beyond any of my other descriptors (except perhaps reader/book dork), so this blog is like candy for me.
5. Mojo Savings: I like a good deal. And free stuff. This blog is a plentiful source of both.

Happy Friday to all!


nicole said...

It's Sunday and I'm just getting here. I'm late. So why were you tested for the virus? I'm still waiting for my results.

Kayla said...

Nicole, I was tested as part of the study they're doing on the JC - PML connection and the Tysabri risk. I've been on Tysabri for over 3 years now, and testing negative for JC is supposed to mean a significant reduction of the PML risk. If I had tested positive, I would have stopped Tysabri. For now, I'm going to stick with it, but I still don't like the PML numbers that keep rising, so I'm also very interested in new treatments with potential.