Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday: I love my job!

I am so grateful for my job! I really love it - teaching and making music with people I like, and with a schedule that works with my heath and fatigue needs. It fills my soul with joy. It is essentially my dream job, a job I was certain MS had taken away from me. I had to give up the serious path in pursuit of this career and moved back home, where I did a bit of playing and teaching here and there, but also did various other things for work, as well as exploring new fields through online classes. And I just spent a few years figuring out how to deal with living with a chronic illness and its BFF, chronic pain. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I got a call to see if I was interested in this job. So if I hadn't gotten MS, I probably still wouldn't have the job I wanted, but because I got sick and moved home, this opportunity came up. It's really perfect. So thanks, you dumb disease! No, really. I am so very grateful. But you're still dumb, and so is your BFF.

Who knows where the road will lead next!