My MS Symptoms

I'm writing a series of my top 10 MS symptoms - a "greatest hits" countdown, if you will. This won't cover every symptom, but these are the biggest ones for me. It's meant to be a real, personal look at one specific person's experience with this disease. I hope it's educational, though in no way am I claiming to be a medical authority. 

My MS Symptoms Top 10 Countdown 

(not in any particular order, though #1 is certainly by biggest/baddest/worst symptom, so I'm saving it for last)


Anu Narasimhadevara said...

Hi Kayla, 5 am a newbie in MS-land, diagnosed June 1, 2017. Just wanted to say, you have a reader - i am reading and preparing myself for the world which awaits me.

VR, Anuradha

Kayla said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks for reading and welcome to the club! It's not one any of us would choose to join, but it's also not one that has to ruin your life. Having this disease will teach you just how strong you are. I hope you find some value here, though remember that every person's experience with MS is different.