Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Obligatory Year-in-Review Post: 2011

I am rather fond of this type of post, though there can be something overwhelming about their abundance at this time of year. I also like reading various lists of resolutions, a subject particularly interesting to me this year as I work on developing my 30x30 list.

Like all years I suppose, this one had a mix of good and bad. My health was overall very stable, though I continued the daily battle with my particular challenges. I secured and happily worked the first year of what is essentially my dream job, though that too is not without its challenges. I had lots of good times with family and friends, though also often felt somewhat lonely and isolated. I experienced great joys and great sorrows. Overall 2011 was a decent year, but I am very much looking forward to 2012!

Looking back at my 2011 Resolutions, I did an okay job. I think that overall I have become much better at ignoring my quest for perfection and just doing things the best I can rather than not even attempting due to fearing my inability to achieve perfection. There are areas where this still plagues me, to be sure, but I know that I have made progress. As for the health goals, I guess I've made some progress there as well. In particular, I have become more involved in the MS community with 59 blog posts this year, participating in the HAWMC, and commenting on many more MS blogs. Thanks for having me in this vibrant virtual club, all!

I'm not going to list any particular resolutions for the year here, as my primary focus is on finishing writing and then carrying out my 30x30 list. This project makes me feel energized and excited, but I know that my more ambitious items might feel overwhelming at times. A primary reason for this list is the idea of developing my follow-through skills, a topic I know I will write about in much more detail in the future.

a Glorious Sunset on Christmas Day, 2011
 Best wishes to all for the healthiest, happiest possible you in 2012!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Catching Up & Christmas Wishes

Yikes, I haven't posted in a while again. The last month has pretty much been the busiest ever, at least in my post-MS life. It has been a good month overall, but rather exhausting. I've been trying to rest up the past 2 days because the next several will be filled with festive family fun. I've been adding to my list of topics I want to write about here, though, when I do have time and energy.

One thing I will be writing about a lot more soon but that I want to mention here is a list I'm writing. I will turn 30 in one-year-and-2ish-months and I'm making a 30x30 list - 30 things I want to accomplish by the time I'm 30. I'm trying to do some things I always talk about or think about doing but never do and I also want to push myself outside my comfort zone and do things that are scary. That said, I want this list to be a source of personal growth and enjoyment rather than a stressful obstacle. I have several items that are going on for sure already (try 30 new foods, go ziplining, learn to sing and play this song on ukelele, do 30 hours of volunteer work, get a massage, take my mom on a trip out of the US) but I am trying to get input as I work on finishing the list. For readers of this blog in particular:  I want at least one item to be MS-related, specifically to be some kind of MS fundraising goal. I haven't done any of the walks or other events, so I will probably do one of those, but I would like to create some specific fundraising goals and I'm not sure how to go about this. Tips? I would also love any other suggestions for the list from an MS-informed audience. I'm looking for things that will be fun, easy, scary, hard, good-for-me, rewarding, meaningful, etc. I need some items that will be easy to cross off as I'm already collecting quite a few that have me wondering how I'm going to get it all done in just a little over a year!! Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

I will leave you with my most sincere wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a joyful holiday season. May you have the best health you can, get enough rest and enjoy time with loved ones!