Friday, September 7, 2012

On Self-Medicating

Tonight's fun math equation:
Large Iced Coffee x 2 + Grande Iced Latte + Starbucks Doubleshot + 2 amphetamine pills taken later in the day than advisable = sleep tonight? doubtful.

But - in my perhaps biased opinion - necessary and worth it to get through my day. Why? Another equation for you:
long day with busy schedule + haven't been sleeping well generally this week + you know, that whole MS thing + the energy/focus depletion side effects of various meds used for chronic nerve pain secondary to that whole MS thing = why i need a little help on days like today

So, tonight might be a sleepless one. I only wish I could use all that non-sleeping time to get things done, but I don't think my focusing skills will last very long. I will probably spend far too much time with my friends Hulu and Netflix into the wee hours. But hopefully sleep will come to me before morning!