Friday, September 7, 2012

On Self-Medicating

Tonight's fun math equation:
Large Iced Coffee x 2 + Grande Iced Latte + Starbucks Doubleshot + 2 amphetamine pills taken later in the day than advisable = sleep tonight? doubtful.

But - in my perhaps biased opinion - necessary and worth it to get through my day. Why? Another equation for you:
long day with busy schedule + haven't been sleeping well generally this week + you know, that whole MS thing + the energy/focus depletion side effects of various meds used for chronic nerve pain secondary to that whole MS thing = why i need a little help on days like today

So, tonight might be a sleepless one. I only wish I could use all that non-sleeping time to get things done, but I don't think my focusing skills will last very long. I will probably spend far too much time with my friends Hulu and Netflix into the wee hours. But hopefully sleep will come to me before morning!


Karen said...

Staying awake, and falling asleep- two of the many things we battle every day with MS.

Gwen said...

My sweet friend, I wish you sleep and wakefulness when you need them.