Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My night

Tonight I'm playing some blues, funk, soul, disco, and classic rock in an orchestra backing up a 15-piece funk band. It's a fun way to transition from summer into the school year, where I tend to play more traditional classical music.

a cool concert venue...this is the view
from back behind the stage on a little hill

Speaking of that transition, I'm blown away by how fast summer went by! It's a cliche and I know I feel like this every year, but it really seems worse this year. It's probably because I had been expecting the summer to be easier on me than the school year but it turned up to be a toss-up - about the same or maybe a bit worse! Looking at my blog posting history, it would seem that summer wins the busyness contest, since I posted significantly less often.

I'm a little bit concerned because my fall schedule is going to be pretty intense and I'm afraid I'm not quite prepared for it healthwise. I need some more downtime to actually rest and recover, but I'm not going to get it. But for tonight I'm just going to have fun playing some great tunes on my horn on a beautiful summer evening.

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