Saturday, June 12, 2010

my unlikely muse

In my family, we often refer to my MS as our uninvited or unwelcome guest. The disease is undeniably a part of our lives, and we would all certainly prefer that it wasn't. However, the disease has another, more positive, presence in my life: it's my muse. It is a source of inspiration and thoughts that probably never would have entered my life otherwise. I've always tended to bristle a bit when I hear people describe various diseases, maladies, or circumstances as great gifts. I still have a bit of a problem with that description, and if MS is a gift, it's one I'd like to return.

But I get it now. The MS itself is not a gift and is not something I'm grateful for. But the part of the MS that serves as a positive source of inspiration in my life is very much something I have gratitude for. I can't promise that this blog won't contain any of my laments or worries related to this disease, but I do promise that this blog is written under the guidance of that positive place I have found: MS as muse. I hope to "re-gift" my MS into a positive force in my life and the lives of others. Thanks for reading!

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