Monday, May 21, 2012

Magazine Monday: Ann Romney

I try to tune out much of the political scene, beyond researching the issues that are important to me and knowing generally where relevant candidates stand. I find politics and the associated media circus to be an energy sucker. I hate all the negativity and general ridiculousness. Beyond reading headlines, I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to the current presidential campaign situation. So I was pretty surprised to learn that Ann Romney has a MS, a fact I discovered in the brief profile on her in a list of fierce women in MORE magazine. (Which is an awesome magazine! It's for the "mature woman" which is a bit beyond my demographic, but I find it to have much more substance and relevance than most other women's magazines.)

from May 2012 MORE mag: profiles of fierce women

Anyway, Ann has MS and I suddenly find her more interesting. Will I follow her husband's campaign more closely? Probably not. But if any of the headlines I browse reference Ann and/or Mitt + MS or healthcare in general, I might just click on and read. Here is a brief news clip of Ann discussing how MS and fatigue have affected her on the long, tiring days of the campaign trail:

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