Monday, August 4, 2014

On Spoons

On that both wonderful and terrible timesuck that is Facebook, I saw this image posted by WEGO Health:

The best part was reading and agreeing with several of the people who commented. This infographic does explain the spoon theory somewhat, but I and many others seem to question how accurate it is for those of us with chronic illness. After all, you could consider the spoon theory to apply to all humans. Some humans just have a lot more spoons! In my opinion, this infographic and the person's day it represents could very well be that of a normal, healthy person! All of the tasks of daily living take something out of a person, and most people can only do so much in a given day. This looks like a pretty full day to me! For myself and many others with chronic illness, this day would not be possible, at least not with "borrowing" several spoons from the next days. The challenge of doling out spoons is that there is NEVER enough to do everything you want to do, and often not even enough to do what you need to do! It is always a matter of deciding between different items. Go shopping and cook dinner? More like one or the other! And assuming work is a full day, only four spoons seems unlikely, even for a relatively "easy" job.

Another point several commenters brought up is showering. They laughed at the idea that taking a shower would only count for one spoon. I agree! Showering can be one of the more depleting, exhausting acts for me. Unfortunately for those around me, this sometimes means I don't do it as often as I probably should! I choose to allocate my spoons elsewhere.

Where my spoons go is always a choice, and often a painful one. I don't always make the right choice, and I often regret my choices. Such is life a spoonie! If only spoons grew on trees...

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