Saturday, March 5, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 9 of 2016

The view from here:

This one's for you, Heather!
I went to a place I never go to except when you're home to eat a free birthday breakfast.
got a much-needed haircut, bringing back the side bang for the first time in a while
an awesome package of birthday goodies from my sistar:
my fave ginger mints, a cool clay face mask, homemade hot sauce, and

the view from the neuro waiting room
The next chapter in the crappy car saga:

After spending $550 10 days ago and the car seeming to be fixed, as of yesterday the original problems are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNACCEPTABLE, Subie!!! (Subie is my car's name.) Taking her in on Monday. Hopefully by next week, this unending craptastic story will be concluded for good.

On the MS front:

The left arm weakness continued and the left leg joined the party. I couldn't get into the neuro until yesterday. The neuro exam was pretty funny during all the push/pull or don't let me push/pull parts. Right side did its job, left side was immediately defeated. Here's a video of some of the weakness in action:

The results of the appt: it's a relapse/flareup/exacerbation/bad-thing (DUH), going to get an MRI right away then start steroids (OH JOY), going to stop the Aubagio posthaste, almost certainly going back to Tysabri. I'll keep you posted!

What I read this week:

I hadn't realized that I haven't received any issues of Momentum since I moved a year ago until I saw this issue in the waiting room yesterday. Flipped through it and read the pain article seen on the cover. Nice to see the validation of this as it's a major problem for me and one that wasn't really known or talked about much until relatively recently. Didn't really learn anything new except for the idea of Botox injections for pain. The lady quoted about it has leg pain that sounded an awful lot like mine, so I'm very intrigued.

Really enjoyed this blog post by Robert. Loving as always, Kate's monthly email newsletters.

Finished Playing With Fire. Definitely different from her usual books, but really liked it.

Read What She Knew, by the mom of the kid who plays Timothy on one of my favorite shows, Call the Midwife. Loved it.

Read A Curious Mind. It was okay with some interesting stories, but overall not nearly as good as I was anticipating.

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Traci said...

Yay, so glad the birthday box was a success! Be sure to post a picture of yourself doing a facial with the rose clay mask next.

Can you get copies of your MRI this time? Some of your friends and fans might want to see what's going on.