Friday, June 2, 2017

This Month: May 2017, part 2

The MS Update

Things are okay. They've continued to improve but I'm not yet back to normal. I'm still struggling with significantly elevated pain and major trouble sleeping because of it. So pain and fatigue have been winning on most days. I'm going to give it another month, at which point I may try adding a new med if it continues like this.

My best medicine (my niece) came to town for about 40 hours total. That helped a lot. She is a balm for the spirit, for sure. It also wore me out, but it was worth it.

The view from here:
finally got around to planting some cilantro and basil

goat cheese and spinach frittata with sriracha

got some sweet new paper from my sistar

might not look pretty, but this coconut curry is crazy delish

a good book helps pass the hours of infusion time

this month's Tysabri treat: favorite sandwich place, Grand Junction!

peony for your thoughts!

cloud love

my mom's childhood church

take me home, country roads

so glad cloud season is back

on the drive

in which a little puppy and a giant cat become friends

my heart

nice stick

playing volleyball with my girl

the best

this stuffed cat's name is Crenshaw

I gave her this 3D pen for her birthday

so fun! I doodled my name. 

cookie time!

had my bro grill and then it started pouring rain but he made it work

why just take a walk when you can dance with an umbrella?

my niece's book has a character with MS! so now I'm getting it from the library
and we're going to have a long-distance book club via Skype

watching Mako Mermaids

aren't they cute?

goodbye hug...saying goodbye is the WORST

I guess I should go to the dentist


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Traci said...

I want Grand Junction real bad now!!!

Also, Little K's stuffed cat--I TOTALLY thought it was real at first. Phew!