Monday, July 17, 2017

This Month: July 2017, part 1

Oh look, here we are again and I never did a part two for June. The long and short of it is that things remained relatively not good. But then I had a new nephew enter the world and that helped cheer me up. And then I got to meet him for a few days. And that was wonderful. But the trip wore me out and now it's back to the daily grind.

Healthwise, I'm still stuck in kidney stone limbo. Still feeling periods of significant discomfort. Still peeing into a strainer. If you're counting, this is Day 42. And I had that very special test at the Urologist's office. It was pretty much the worst and I will tell you all about it soon, I promise. The result was an official diagnosis that basically means I'm bad at peeing. Which I already knew. Thanks, MS!

The view from here:

baby's first facetiming with auntie

sent a gift to my niece upon birth of her cuz

post storm pretty

my friend is kinda okay at gardening ;-)
okay, scratch that, REALLY good. it's so joyful to see her gardens.
minus the mosquitos, of course.

(I found all the check-in ladies to be judgy and not very friendly or helpful.)

hey veins

post Tysabri treat at a favorite sandwich place from college days

this doggie liked our horn jams

I have been waiting my whole life to have a baby boy to buy bowties for!

poetry in the waiting room before the most terrifying appointment of my life.

look what I found!

my friend Heather bought me a TON of disposable pee filters.
using these in public restrooms is the worst but it's so nice to be able to throw it out, unlike the plastic ones!
more on this unique and fabulous gift later.

I'm that person taking cloud pictures nonstop all flight, every flight.

life dream fulfilled! can't wait to see him in it in a few months.

lots of baby + pup sleeping shots

how cute is this nursery? my sis painted the mural.

pup always checking on the bambino. so cute.

my pretty mom is the world's greatest grandmother.

an origami bowtie for the lil man

she thought my book would be a comfy place to rest her head

had an afternoon free when mama + baby were at doctor, so saw another monument: MLK Memorial

Out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope.

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! she rested her head on one foot. next time, it better be both feet.

I know, I look good with a baby in my arms.

lots of hand positions in the course of 30 minutes
back home where there are no baby boys but there is bountiful basil
new favorite thing in the world: long-distance book club with my niece.
this book had an MS component and I plan to write about it soon.

I literally took 1,000 pictures when I was in DC to meet my nephew but I tried to hold back here. :-) 

I hinted at three different posts that will be coming your way. Just stating it here again as a way to try to force myself to actually write them! Plus there's still the last two posts in the Symptoms Series.

I told my niece that I was going to be writing one of them and she said, "What? You do stuff other than post pictures on your blog?" The chagrin I felt will hopefully propel me to write more.

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