Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life in the Tundra

I live in a part of the country known for its weather, and not in a good way. The past few days, the idea of hitting even zero sounds warm! Not to mention all the snow and ice and blowing snow and general air of bluster! I'm a little sick of it and wouldn't turn down a tropical vacation right about now!  Here are some images of life on "the tundra" recently:

My niece's playground...a few months of the year anyway!

Driving when the snow is blowing like this can be a little dizzying! 
My brother blowing out his driveway. Note how high the snow is on the right side!

Frost on the car window. Frost can be so pretty!

Not a great picture at all, but the moon was gorgeous in this early morning sky!

Also not a good picture, but later that night the moon was even more gorgeous!
Huge and gold and breathtaking.
If only I had better equipment to capture this kind of image....not to mention skill!

I hope you've enjoyed this peek at my currently very cold surroundings! I hope that if you live in a similar climate that you're inside under a warm blanket with a mug of hot chocolate!  And if you live in a more enviable climate, I hope you appreciate what you have!!


Garrett said...

How exciting to have more posts on here! And my backside is even featured in a photo!

T. said...

I currently live in a more enviable climate, and I do appreciate what I have. Life in the tundra is wearing! Yikes! Excellent photos--you can see the beauty and the horror of this MN winter. :)