Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moving and an Apology

Well, last Monday I promised I would return to finish up my posting on the issue of Time magazine devoted to pain, but here we are. Luckily enough, my reading crowd happens to be particularly sympathetic to excuses like fatigue and pain. So, forgive me and come back next Monday for that promised post? Of course, next Monday I will spend the day moving, hardly a recipe for energy. So, I promise to fit in some advance writing this week in between finishing up with packing and have it all set up to auto-post.

I'll be moving closer to work (2-hour commute down to 1) which will make those days significantly easier on me. I'll be moving from a house to a first-floor apartment. So, no more stairs up and down to the bathroom, which will be much better for me, especially for the days when I don't have enough feeling in my feet. But there is a bit of an ugh or blech factor of apartment living for me, like less privacy and hearing noisy neighbors. But also on the big plus side, I'll be moving into a complex with a pool and a gym! So, I finally will have no more excuses for my neuro for why I haven't been using a pool for exercise!

these two window peekers are VERY excited for that pool!

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