Tuesday, September 13, 2011

JC Virus test results!

I'm way behind on blogging! I had my 6-month neuro appointment about a month ago. Not much change MS wise, but there was a major piece of news: my beloved neuro is retiring and this was our last appointment! I'm super bummed, because I haven't had a great track record with good doctor relationships and this neuro was pretty perfect. I will definitely miss him. As for the new neuro...a replacement is coming soon-ish, but I don't know anything about him yet. I could also try the MS center in town (I currently travel to an MS center 4 hours away), but I'm somewhat hesitant to do so for various reasons.

I had blood drawn to participate in the JC virus study, and just got the results back yesterday: NEGATIVE!! Although the study strongly emphasizes that the results don't officially mean anything and that my blood is just helping the overall goal of trying to determine the relationship between JC and PML or something to that effect, my neuro led me to believe that a negative result is a very good thing. He said that a positive result would mean my PML risk was closer to 1 in 300 and a negative result would mean my risk is essentially nothing, with the caveat that I could contract the JC virus at any time. In sum, the negative result gives me (and my mother!) some peace of mind and I'm happily going to continue my Tysabri infusions for now.

Next week I'll be meeting with a pain specialist neuro. I'm not necessarily unhappy with my current pain management regimen, but I have several concerns, and I wouldn't mind being even happier.

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