Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday: new to me bloggers

In my most recent Thankful Thursday post (hmm, July 20. maybe it's a bit of a stretch to use the term recent.), I said that in my next ThTh post, I was going to highlight some of the bloggers I've only discovered relatively recently. The following bloggers are newer to me than others I have highlighted, but they definitely have the gratitude of this blogger!

I am grateful for Karen of Meandering...One moment please. Gorgeous photography and poetry, and a fellow believer in the power of Nature Therapy.

I am grateful for Nicole of My New Normals. Good, honest writing and great supportive interaction with other bloggers.

Thanks, bloggers!

One problem I have with MS blogs is that there are SO MANY out there. I have a solid list that I like and I've come to feel like I know them in some way. And just staying current with that list is tough! I try to check out new blogs from time to time, and sometimes find great ones to add to my list, like the ones listed above. But I have only so much time and energy that I'm able or willing to devote to the MS head space. Sometimes I feel almost guilty for not reading more blogs more often, but that kind of thought process isn't a good idea, so I just have to accept my limitations, I guess. How do you all deal with this, if you also find it an issue?

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Peace Be With You said...

Karen and Nicole are two great bloggers. I always look forward to what they have to say. Since you asked, the way I deal with the ever increasing list of MS bloggers is I use the "View in Google Reader" link at the bottom of the dashboard page. That allows me a way to scan the posts of those blogs I read, sometimes emailing to myself those I want to spend more time with. But with Google reader I can at least get a quick sense of what the posts are about and never miss anyone.