Saturday, April 2, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 13 of 2016

The view from here:

We had a few very nice days this week, so I got some vitamin D and enjoyed a book outside.
I like this shot, as it looks like I have a personal, natural lamp to read by.

While reading, I heard what I thought was a very large squirrel behind me.
Turns out it was a cat just casually walking along the fence!

Won't be able to see the lake at all in a few months when the leaves grow.
I enjoy seeing it peek through the trees this time of year.

I moss admit that it's nice to take time to notice all the small, beautiful things around us.

Last week I shared a picture of an avocado with a tiny pit.
This week - the major bummer of an avocado with a jumbo pit.

A pretty great sunset.

What I read this week: 

Finished Inside the O'Briens. Loved it, as I have all of Lisa Genova's books. Like her other books, this was a major tearjerker. Huntington's disease is awful. I hope she writes a book about MS at some point.

Read an unpublished novella by an acquaintance (a friend of a friend who I went to a dinner party with once) called TA-50 and X, Y, Z. A Vietnam war story. It was funny. Reading this reminded of some other favorite Vietnam war books I'd like to reread at some point - The Things They Carried and Matterhorn.

Also read A Good Killing, a decent mystery set mostly in my beloved Michigan.

On the MS front:

Nothing new to report, really. Still lots of extra paresthesias going on. Still noticing a wee bit of residual weakness in the left arm. Got a letter saying I can make my appointment for my first (more like 100th, really) infusion. Didn't open until too late in the day yesterday, so I'll have to wait until Monday to call.

Got my latest JC test result back - I'm still negative. *Huge sigh of relief* especially because I misread the report at first and thought it said I was positive. Immediately starting crying. Told my mom and she started crying. Then I realized my mistake and it was like PHEW.

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Traci said...

What a good-natured pun!

And how scary, a cat is even worse than a lurking squirrel...though both are rather frightening!