Thursday, April 21, 2016

This Week in my Life: Week 16 of 2016

I'm a little early this week, as I'm headed to Omaha to see my very favorite person turn 10 this weekend! (How is she already in the double digits?!) The weekend will go by too quickly and will probably be tiring, I know, but it will be tons of fun. Can't wait to hang with my niece. We haven't seen each other in person (but have had lots of Skype time) since Thanksgiving, which is way too long for both of us.

The view from here:

Star Wars at the symphony's school concert for 4th graders - the perfect way to inspire future horn players!

The only symphony concert of the year where the majority
of the audience does the wave before the show starts!

Pretty bush by the house. Missed the majority of its in-bloom time last year,
and afraid it will happen again this year when I'm gone this weekend!
Hold on, wait for me, pretty please!!!

Wish it had a longer season. A few days of amazingness and a year of meh.
What I read this week:

My awesome niece Kylie at her 5th birthday celebration 5 years ago.

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