Saturday, November 12, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 45 of 2016

I wrote a thing about the election results from my MS perspective. I held myself back from writing anything non-MS-perspective-y, so I guess I do have some self-control! Now, onto pictures from this past week.

The view from here:
She is constantly raising one eyebrow, then the other, when she looks at you! #BEST

One of the only reasons I think maybe getting a dog would be a good idea is that it
might lay on my feet and that might help the constant nerve pain in my feet.
My sister's dog constantly laid on my mom's feet, but never on mine. :-(

Arlington National Cemetary

Jefferson Memorial

the Capitol

Supreme Court

My sistar works here! Jealous!
Technically, not in this exact building, but she is a Library of Congress employee.

They still have leaves on the trees in DC, and pretty colorful ones at that!


Thomas Jefferson's library


White House


a family portrait

In which I try to take pictures of some pretty leaves on the water and my mom
and sistar both freak out about me falling in. Sistar to the rescue with the hood grab.

One day post-trip and post-election and my face says it all.

watching post-election news :-(

RIP Leonard Cohen :-(

1 comment:

Traci said...

Well isn't this one just about one of the best posts ever!???

Can you send me the gif of Nala with her eyebrow expressions by the way? Maybe you already did, but I don't have it saved and it just defines how she looks most of the time.

We loved having you in autumnal DC! Come back soon! (I have a feeling you'll be back this summer...sorry it'll be muggy. We can stay indoors.)