Saturday, November 26, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 47 of 2016

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in MS blog land! I'm thankful for those of you who read this and for those of you who write things that really resonate with me. It was a tiring but busy few days with my favorite person (and her parents and my mom) and I'm very thankful I got to spend the holiday with her (and them).

The view from here:

natural horn fun

Kylie made this Pla-doh turkey! Isn't it good?

It sure is nice to have a computer professional in the family.

This girl really likes snow, I guess.
We took a walk and she carried a giant snowball the whole time!

Best walking buddy ever. (No offense, mom! You're a good runner-up.)

We made this origami turkey together.

Coloring parties are the best parties!

Excited to start our annual tradition of building gingerbread houses!

We usually use a giant communal bowl of frosting, but this year we all got individual bowls.
I only ate a few spoonfuls. ;-)

The final creations of everyone.
Mine includes a whole menagerie of candy wrap origami animals

I taught this girl some origami and she made these all by her self!!!

Things I made this week:

Origami Advent calendar for my niece!

Origami sloth Christmas card!

This probably only amuses me, but it really cracks me up, so it's okay.

Sloths on a vine.

Snow is the worst, but this cute penguin family moved into my back yard, so it's cool.

See you next week! Or maybe sooner...maybe some symptom blog posts will finally happen this week.

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Traci said...

1) Individual frosting bowls. WHOAH. My jaw dropped when I saw that! It's a whole new level!

2) The penguin fam photo is one of my all-time favorite origami ones from you!