Friday, February 17, 2017

This Month: February 2017, part 1

Somehow it is already halfway through another month! And I've done zero posts. :-(

Sorry, readers. I really do have some great MS posts planned. It's just finding the time to get them done.

Some MS content from others I enjoyed this month:

Correlation Between MS and Harry Potter Characters is Pure Magic [I don't think I knew that JK Rowling's mom had MS.]

Good Guy Ted Cruz Congratulated a Woman on Having Multiple Sclerosis [Obviously, I didn't "enjoy" this one. In trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, what he really meant was probably something like "good for you, fighting the good fight, and looking 'so good'" which is potentially annoying and patronizing in and of itself, but the way he said it was SO AWFUL. IT'S HIS JOB TO TALK IN PUBLIC. IN THIS CASE ABOUT HEALTHCARE WITH REAL PEOPLE. HE HAD TO KNOW THERE WOULD BE PEOPLE WITH STORIES LIKE THIS AT A TOWN HALL ON THIS ISSUE. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN PREPARED TO HANDLE IT BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

10 Things I'd Like Help With on the Bad Days of Multiple Sclerosis

The view from here:

opera fun

I've been playing Words With Friends lately. This was a TERRIBLE letter selection!

Favorite card I've made, a punny collaboration with my sistar from The Daily Quipple.

What I think every time I see this sign at the post office.

Horn love.

Best ever pop-up valentine's card from occasional MS Muse commenter "anonymous." ;-)

Mood lighting on V-Day with my one true love in the opera pit.

That's a sunrise, you guys! Something I am only awake for a few times a year.
I thought this frost in the foreground was cool.

All the heart eyes emojis in the world!!

Horn love with friends.


Traci said...

The origami elephants with the heart is one of my favorite pictures ever!!

Anonymous said...

Yep-anonymous and loving it. Can I write my guest post as anonymous too? :)