Sunday, February 5, 2017

This Month: January 2017, part 2

I know that this post should technically be titled Last Month, but just roll with it. The delay is due to it being a very difficult and busy few weeks.

My grandfather passed away at age 86. I had my first ever cup of coffee with him. I will always think of him when I eat a green onion. The funeral and time with family led to reflection not just on my grandpa, but also on my grandma who died in 1996. She had a wonderful sense of humor. They are both dearly missed.

me and Grandpa in 1988

The view from here:

These pictures are chronologically out of order, but I'm not going to take the time to fix it.

Fun to connect with college friends.

When you play this spot just right, a rainbow appears!

Origami sloth Valentine's cards are selling like hotcakes in my Etsy shop.

My sister made a delicious pasta dish while she was home.
This picture tells me she could totally pursue a career as a hand model.

My sister and I played together at the funeral.
It was fun to have instruments with for this obvious photo opportunity at the airport.

Tysabri time.

Some of the cousins. It looks like my arm is REALLY long in this shot.

My 16-year-old cousin did my makeup.

We always used to do spa days together growing up, so it was fun to do face masks together again.

A piece from The Onion a few weeks ago that really made me laugh through the tears of anxiety: GOP Promises Americans Will Be Able To Keep Current Medical Conditions If Obamacare Repealed
“Whatever health problem you have right now, you will absolutely still be allowed to continue having it once Obamacare has been dismantled,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan, adding that the repeal of the landmark healthcare legislation would in no way prevent patients from maintaining their existing medical issues or even adding to their afflictions. 

Hopefully, you'll be getting the penultimate symptoms series post this week. *fingers crossed*

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Traci said...

My skin was really, really soft after those facials! Did you notice a difference?