Tuesday, August 1, 2017

This Month: July 2017, part 2

I picked up an awful cold and have been feeling miserable for the last ten days or so. And I've still got the kidney stones! Those other posts are still coming, I promise, but on a whim I started a new series earlier tonight: MS on TV.

The view from here:

road trip cloud vibes

the traditional road trip stop at this one Qdoba

this temperature did NOT make me happier, I assure you. it maxed out at 106.

look at this dog I call Mr. SimonPants casually leaning on his "elbow" against me in a super chill way.

a Nebraska sunset

my swimming buddies

do you like my sweet new shirt celebrating the Biebs?
(I did not buy this shirt.)

her reaction to seeing my shirt

getting my first tat

this guy is a miracle worker who saved my butt from computer doom

Mario Kart with grandma

(I'm just a little excited about this.)

look at this cute family

this is how I roadtrip: podcasts and origami

new card design

under the sea!

A new thing I started doing this month:
I'm using the app 1 Second Every Day. Here is my July, minus the first 8 days:

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