Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spoon Hogs, But Worth It!

There's nothing quite like the more-action-packed-than-everyday-life holiday season to remind you that you have MS.  I'm always a bit surprised how just a handful of extra activities like spending time with family and friends can totally and completely zap me of energy for days afterward.  I tend to use up "spoons" I don't have, and I pay for it later, but I think it's totally worth it.  I had a great Christmas and was blessed to spend some quality time catching up with old friends and hanging out with my family.

The best part of Christmas is experiencing it with my niece, Kylie.  There's nothing like having a kid around to remind you of the magic and joy all around you. Here's a shot of us chilling out after a late night of food, fun, and this cool new pink guitar she got from my mom. I'm pumped to learn to play a bit along with her.

I hope everyone out there in blog land had a wonderful holiday season and that you're able to fit in some rest as you enjoy the last few days of 2010!

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