Friday, June 10, 2011

5 Things Friday: Coming Posts & My Week

 5 Posts I'm Planning to Write Soon
1. Targeted Advertising & MS
2. What You Do vs. Who You Are and how MS affects the situation
3. MS & fiction - reviews of novels wherein MS is a "character"
4. An account of my strangest and most annoying symptom
5. My awesome sister is going to write a guest post. (Right, Traci????)

glorious Colorado hike
 5 Things I Did This Week
1. Gave a commencement speech*, during which I started crying, which is weird for me as I cry maybe once every two years, not counting during movies
2. Went on a LONG hike in Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, CO - GORGEOUS!
3. Took lots of extra drugs and had a rotten night when the long hike made my pain super bad. (But it was SO worth it.)
4. Had a garage sale, which will also be happening tomorrow
5. Made delicious homemade garlic & red pepper hummus

* I'm not really that special to be asked to do this officially at any institution. But my sister is cool enough to ditch her own graduate school commencement ceremony to go hiking and hold her own ceremony wherein our mom was master of ceremonies and I was the speaker. I also received an honorary doctorate. The location was breathtaking and the whole experience was so much more personal and meaningful to all of us than a long, boring, official ceremony would have been. She also continued to wear her mortarboard and tassel and her Master's hood throughout the hike. A few people commented, but mostly they just gave her strange looks or averted their eyes. It was pretty great.
a big congratulations toTraci, Master of Music!!

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