Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All I Ever Do

...is sleep.

This according to my 5-years-old-and-sleep-is-so-boring niece.

My mom and I hang out with her to get our princess movie and barbie fix one day a week, and she knows that I tend to "rest" through a portion of that day. Well, yesterday was one of those days when my MS just doesn't feel like playing nice and the fatigue just wouldn't stop. I ended up taking two naps yesterday, a most unbelievable concept for her young mind to grasp. I can only imagine her distress if she were to find out that after this day of mostly just sleeping I went home and slept for sixteen hours straight!

I know that one day a long way down the line, she'll come to understand that sleep is, in fact, an awesome use of time, but I hope and pray that she never understands MS fatigue.


Nicole said...

I spent some time with my 7 year old nephew. The energy he had was mind blowing.

Garrett said...

Sleeping is a GREAT use of time. :)