Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday: more bloggers

I'm writing this post early because by the time it's published I'll be off in the mountains where I always feel extra thankful! But in addition to feeling gratitude for glorious scenery, I'm also still thankful for some awesome MS bloggers. Today I'll feature some of the younger bloggers I feel some sort of generational kinship with:

I am thankful for Jodi of Jodi Bean's Blog. I love that she shares lots of pictures and stories from her life at work as a social worker and with friends and family, in addition to being a great advocate for MS. And, like me, she embraces the awesomeness of being an aunt to some very cute nieces!

I am thankful for Jenn of Losing It. A great writer who opens up about life and life with MS with honesty and humor.

I am thankful for Dan and Jennifer Digmann of This couple takes their unique story and uses it as an advocacy platform. Positive and energetic, they embody the idea of not letting MS hold you back. And, they hail from Michigan, where I attended grad school, which holds a special, mitten-shaped place in my heart.

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