Monday, March 26, 2012

Magazine Monday: interesting ad campaign

I nearly passed by this ad in the March issue of Shape magazine, assuming it was related to fashion or something I don't particularly care about, but in the middle of turning the page I read the tagline and stopped for a closer look.

Live with boldness. It's time to rethink multiple sclerosis.
Interesting ad campaign, eh? I examined the website, and it appears to be an offshoot organization of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. The Fearless MS site is pretty basic, consisting of a concise description of the disease, an open letter from MSer Laura Mann about her experiences with MS, and some calls to action for donation including the suggestion that brides and groom request donations to the MSF in lieu of wedding gifts. Of note, the model in the ad photo, Shannon Rusbuldt, heads the charity event Fashion's Fight Against MS.

I just checked out the Fearless MS facebook page, and I see that there is a second ad just coming out in some other magazines, this one featuring a bride:

Overall, I think this is a great move by the MSF - getting great visibility in the high profile publications they're working with and using a punchy, hip, youthful vibe to grab attention and hopefully dollars for the cause.

Live with boldness! I'm trying.


Ac said...

Wait till you see the rest of the campaign! It hits all relevant Condé Nast titles this summer. 4 ads total.

Kayla said...

Thanks for the comment, Angela, and fantastic work on the ads!! I look forward to seeing the next ones!

(Ac is the photographer for the campaign, Angela Capetta.)

AC said...

Follow our fearless MS Facebook group for updates on the fearless movement. We also have a video on you tube so check it out and leave a comment. Every time you share it you are spreading awareness

Anonymous said...

Check us out in September '12 Elle, page 274! The one with Katy Perry in the cover :)