Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday: not falling

Today, I am thankful that I haven't fallen on the ice at all this winter. It has overall been a much milder winter here in the tundra than normal, but we have had many days of treacherous travel over icy sidewalks, including today. Some years past I have fallen several times, but so far this year I am definitely winning the ice battle, mostly due to slow and cautious steps, and sometimes holding on to someone for support.

The only time so far I fell this year, I was on dry, flat land. While this very much bummed me out and reminded of many falls in past days of MS troubles, today I happily express gratitude for no icy falls!

In honor of this subject, here are a few photos taken on my recent California vacation that my friends and I found rather amusing:

If you have fallen recently due to ice or MS or any other reason, I hope you are okay and that perhaps you can find some humor in the situation by imagining your own personal stick figure image of a caution sign! Wishing you all a fall-free Friday tomorrow!

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