Friday, March 2, 2012

5 Things Friday: On My Mind

5 things on my mind on this Friday afternoon:

1. I was recently tested for the JC virus again, at the 6th month point. Still negative, baby! So I'll be happily sticking with Tysabri for now. This gives me a lot of peace of mind, despite the concern that I could unknowingly contract JC at any time. I'll continue getting it checked every 6 months.

2. I'm an introvert, so I enjoyed the following video a few minutes ago. Some of my favorite quotes: "Solitude matters!" "Stop the madness for constant groupwork!" "The world needs you and it needs the things you carry."


3. I need to get my 30x30 list completely finalized and up on this blog, or maybe a 2nd linked blog. I have most of the list complete, and I've started crossing items off the list, especially on the trying 30 new foods list.

4. I am sooooooo behind on reading MS blogs, but I hope to find some time to catch up with you all soon!

5. It was my birthday last week, and I still have a few free meal/treat/drink coupons to use before they expire in the next day or two. Tonight, I'm thinking it's time to return to Noodles & Company after a long hiatus. I ate there right after getting the MS diagnosis 5-ish years ago, and that negative feeling has been connected with the place ever since. But it's time to move on. So bring on my free Indonesian Peanut Saute! Yum!

1 comment:

Traci said...

I am an introvert too, for SURE, and loved the video! Stop the madness for constant groupwork!

I love spending time with people and talking, laughing, doing things, but always always always need time completely to myself to clear my head afterward, to recover.

I want to read her book!