Sunday, April 1, 2012

HAWMC 2012 Challenge Day 1: Time Capsule

Greetings from the year 2012! Life as you know it today was very different one hundred years ago. As you examine history, you probably shake your head with wonder at how simple our lives were and how limited our technology seems. That's how we feel when we look back one hundred years from today, and with the rapid rate of technological advances we are seeing currently, I can't even imagine how far you've gone by 2112!

One area that you might find particularly astonishing is related to health and disease. In 2012, disease was a very serious reality for many of us. One such disease, multiple sclerosis or MS, was quite the beast. It tended to strike people in the prime of life and could present with a range of devastating symptoms. The disease ravaged the brain and spinal cord of its victims and tended to get worse over time. Patients had a few lines of defense - self-injected shots or monthly infusions or pills - that slowed down the disease's wrath, but there was no cure. 

As a patient of this awful malady, I write to you in the future with perfect confidence that MS is no longer something you must suffer with. There is certainly a cure, perhaps even a preventative vaccine.

You might be interested to know that in my day, we took part in annual walks and bike rides to raise money to fight MS. We wore orange. We wrote blogs and books, sharing our stories and raising awareness. And we hoped. With every new lesion found on our MRI scans, with every injection, every doctor's appointment, each fundraising event, every new symptom, each and every moment living with this cruel disease, we hoped. We believed.

You surely have many problems in 2112, but MS is not one of them. Our children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews among you will not have to wear orange for any reason other than a fashion choice. And for that, we rejoice.

This post inspired by the 2012 HAWMC prompt of the day: 
Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you & your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112. 

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