Sunday, April 8, 2012

HAWMC 2012: Good Conversation

Happy Easter! I spent the day feeling quite under the weather, having some sort of cold/flu/ear-infection treat, but I still managed to have a lovely time with my family. I ate lots of good food, did some of my best sidewalk chalk art to date (not saying all that much), and had some good laughs. I also spent half the day arguing with my family over whether or not I should go to the ER, the only option on a holiday when the regular clinics and urgent care and walk-in type places are closed. I won (because the ER is for emergencies only, duh!), but I will concede with a trip to visit a doc tomorrow morning.

A snippet of conversation from my day:

Scene: me in a comfy chair, super-awesome-almost-6-princess-niece Kylie curled up on my lap. 
Kylie: Did you get the text my mommy sent you the other day about what I said to her? 
Me: Yes! (giggle) 
Her: (giggle giggle giggle) The one about the butts?? 
Me: Yes! 
Her: Because I saw you had a picture put onto mommy's computer screen of some butts!! (giggle giggle) And so I said to her, "Kayla owns butts?!?!" And then I told her to text to you that I said that! (gleeful shriek, giggle giggle) 
Me: (giggle giggle) Well, the only butt I OWN is this one (points to rear) but I did put a picture on my blog that showed some girls' butts the other day! 
[conversation dissolves into fit of giggling and tickling and whispers of "you-said-BUTT!" and my sighs of utter contentment and joy]

This post brought to you by today's HAWMC prompt: 
Recap an awesome conversation you had this week.


Dr. Katherine Dale said...

I love how kids are so giggly over body parts and "naughty" words. Endless hours of fun. You can change their mood with one silly word; I aspire to be the same...

Kayla said...

Katherine - me too! So much fun.