Friday, January 8, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 1 of 2016

To help push me to keep my kind-of-a-resolution to post here more often, I'm going to be bold and make a commitment to post at least once a week this year. The way I'm going to do it is by showing up weekly for a glimpse-into-my-life kind of post. This will also hopefully help me with another kind-of-a-resolution-though-I-haven't-verbalized-it-before-now to take more pictures. Certain members of my family will scoff when reading this, because some of them think I take WAY too many pictures! Yes, when I'm around people like my niece, I do go crazy with the camera, but in my day to day life I go in stretches of taking a ton of pictures, but also long stretches of taking hardly any pictures at all. Knowing I have a post "due" every week where I want to include at least a few pictures will hopefully help me make grabbing the camera more consistent. These posts won't be MS-related, necessarily, though since MS is a part of my life, I'm sure it will make some appearances.

The dismal, gloomy, how-many-more-months-of-gray-and-blah-can-I-take view this week:

out my front window

out my back window

Out and about this week:

Leaving the house is a somewhat rare occurrence for me. This week, I headed out just once, for a trip to the post office and grocery store. The horrible experience was made a little better by this spotting of one of my favorite things to see, a dog in the driver's seat:

makes me miss Nala the Yellow Lab (my sister's new pup)

Things I made this week:
Candy Wrapper Origami Dresses

caramelized mangoes over vanilla ice cream, topped with toasted coconut & cashews, and whipped topping
(an imaginary tropical respite from the dreary, cold, snow-filled life in the tundra)

What I read this week:

Catching up on some favorite MS blogs - Wheelchair Kamikaze, Multiple Sclerosis & Faith, Journey Man, and more.

Started a book I came to in an unusual way. I read this Huffington Post article about WASPs not being allowed burial at Arlington National Cemetery and was rather upset by it, and interested because I didn't really know much of anything about WASPs and their role in WW2. I scanned through the comments (something I rarely do) and some guy posted about how he had done a lot of research on this topic to write a novel. So I clicked through, saw I could read it free via Kindle Unlimited. I have read a few books via the Kindle app on my phone and on my Nook (though I MUCH prefer a real book) and decided to try this one. So I got a free month of Kindle Unlimited, and downloaded the book. Just started it, so no real opinion yet.

Started this book of short daily meditations about life with chronic pain, a Christmas gift from my sistar.

And now some TBT or technically FBF photo fun:

that time my niece and i had a blast "racing" at the airport
my 7th grade basketball "glory days" haha
also, that wasn't my best haircut, although I have kind of been thinking of trying bangs again...

See you next week!

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