Friday, February 5, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 5 of 2016

Major accomplishment this week:

I had a Winter Storm named after me, NBD. I obviously made sure said storm didn't affect me whatsoever and I also made sure it led to a snow day for my niece. All in a day's work. One of my greatest accomplishments, really. In all seriousness, though, I was way too excited when I heard the name of the storm.  And I was just a little disappointed no one made one of those fake weather pictures with my head on it, like people did of the Jonas brothers in the last storm.

I mean really, people, would this be too much to ask?

But in sad news, a blizzard IS heading my way this weekend. I'm just glad this won't have my name on it.

The view from here:

a nice Winter sunset

a trip to the library
i worked at this very library for around 5 years
the neatness of these shelves is NOT up to my standards!

couldn't fall asleep one night because these lights were flashing outside my window for around an hour!
drove me crazy. not sure what it was, but they pulled a car over and stayed there for way too long.

I had a lot of police action in my life this week. On my way home from a trip to Walgreens to pay all of my money for a measly 9 pills, I accidentally drove through a major standoff-type police situation. Lots of cops, lots of guns, including at least one huge gun. (Not exactly a common sight in this small Midwestern city.) Oops. In my defense, they hadn't made it really clear the road was blocked off on the one side, and I just followed the car in front of me around what I later realized was an attempt at blocking the road. It was too late when I realized what was going on. (Actually, I still have NO CLUE what was going on. Nothing in any of the news sources has reported anything. I guess this is a good thing, as whatever was going one was apparently resolved without any shootings/deaths/etc as I'm sure that would have been reported. Still, though, not knowing is driving me crazy!)

Things I made this week:

egg sandwich on a biscuit with peppers, onions, pepperjack cheese,
crispy BACON, & avocado mash with lime juice + cayenne

Lots of origami Valentine's Day card for my Etsy shop:

What I read this week:

Finished A Fireproof Home for the Bride (loved it!!), started and finished Now You See Me (pretty good), and started Big Magic (LOVE this author and already loving this book!).

How I'm feeling this week:

For most of the week, TERRIBLE! Now, incredibly relieved and starting to feel back to my normal.


I'm so over winter, so I'm taking it back to February 2012, when I spent around 10 days in California with my friends Heather & Brian. Lots of beach time, hiking, ziplining, kayaking, whale watching, batting cages, great food, and great company.

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