Friday, February 12, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 6 of 2016

I totally failed this week on the remember-to-take-pictures front, especially aggravating since I had an unprecedented FOUR social encounters with various friends. Since not a single picture from any of these encounters exists, you'll just have to take my word for it that I wasn't an isolated somewhat-antisocial introvert this week.

The view from here:
spent HOURS reading a book waiting for my car to
1. have an oil change and then later on the same day, 2. figure out what on earth is wrong
as some major car problems have developed
Then, I spent hours trying to figure out how/where to buy a car part at a reasonable not-exorbitant-highway-robbery price. Plus, since I loooove cars and totally understand the language so well, all this internet-ing was loads of fun. And the reward for my struggles was the privilege of paying $120. And that doesn't include the labor part that will come later. Plus, I have weekend plans out of town, and now I don't how if I can get there, because the car currently can't handle it. Liz Lemon captures my current feelings perfectly:

this bush is very pretty during the winter.
the rest of the year? not so much.

whatever, i guess the sparkling white stuff can be *kind of* pretty, sometimes.

What I read this week:

Big Magic. Loved it as I knew I would!

Halfway through Imagine. I'm almost positive I've read this before, but I'm going to finish it anyway. I think it's a good book, but the author's whole scandal with plagiarism and presenting made-up things as facts, obviously casts a major pall over it. 

getting my practice on back in 1997

This week was decent overall, but today has really sucked, so let's hope next week is better!!


Traci said...

I genuinely think that bush is very pretty like that, too! Not the same as when in bloom, but I can appreciate it. :]

Love the 1997 photo, bangs and bulletin board included!!!!!

Kayla said...

that's just the point, though! this bush is NOT pretty in bloom at all!!! i thought for sure it would be, but it's pretty awful the whole year EXCEPT for winter!

Traci said...

oh oh oh, I misread the first time! then we are in agreement! too bad it's not pretty when in bloom though.