Saturday, February 20, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 7 of 2016

The view from here:

I've got a nasty cold with horribly congested sinuses.
I've only been sick like this one other time since the MS diagnosis, as opposed to at least a few times a year previously.
I like to say that there are certain benefits to having an overactive immune system.

Yes, more time staring at piles of tires.
I like that this picture is blurry, because that's kind of how I was seeing the world yesterday.

Update on the car situation and reason #2 why yesterday sucked. The part I ordered arrived yesterday, so I took the car in. I planned to have the courtesy car bring me home while it was being worked on, but turns out, this place doesn't have a courtesy car! They thought it would take around an hour. There happens to be a Mexican place right next door that I happened to have a gift card for, so I thought this would be fine. There's also a thrift store in the same little strip mall, so I stopped there first to buy a book, since dining alone without a book didn't sound fun. After eating, I returned to the car place. It wasn't done yet, so I sat down by all the tires and continued to read my book. (One perk of the cold: I wasn't overwhelmed by the smell of rubber like I usually am in there.) And then THREE more hours passed. So the one hour estimate became FOUR hours. Then when they were finally done, the verdict was that the part I'd spent $110 on that they told me I needed did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fix the problem!!! They didn't charge me anything for the labor and said they thought the real problem was maybe this other thing and suggested a different place to go to get that fixed. Hopefully next week's update will be a happier tale.

spent Valentine's Day with friends celebrating our love for the horn

What I made this week:
A Bacon/Broccoli/Basil Frittata
(I actually made this last week but forgot to post it then.)
What I read this week:

Finished Imagine. I'm now 100% positive I read this before.

Started and finished Defending Jacob and Left Neglected and The Reader, the latter being the thrift store book I read all day yesterday. All of these were good (The Reader being my least favorite by far, mostly because I had trouble really caring for any of the characters. I felt some empathy for them, more towards the end of the book, but I was too put off by a lot of what they did.) Left Neglected (by the author of another great read, Still Alice) was definitely my favorite. 

Next on my reading docket - rereading To Kill a Mockingbird (after the loss of Harper Lee) and reading Crimson Shore

Once again, I'll end with wishes that next week is better than this one!!

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