Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 18 of 2016

The view from here:

Let the light shine in.

A church in the neighborhood always leaves a little May Day gift at the houses in the area.
This year it was these pretty flowers, freshly transplanted into a backyard flowerbed.

That bush that I was worried about missing its bloom finally bloomed.
It was a lovely 2-3 days. Wish it lasted longer.

Flowering tree at the library.

That new Spring green against the blue sky. Ahh.

Drove by one of my many dream homes today.
At least 3 of my regular readers might know where this house is. Any guesses?

What I made this week:

A few different versions of this delicious frittata with lots of
veggies, herbs, and plenty of ooey-gooey pepperjack cheese.

Elephants for a wedding.

Cats for a wedding.

So many white elephants. Seen here in progress while a passenger in a car.

some finished cup holder elephants

Amazing thing that happened this week:

Related to the origami pictures above, I had an amazing week of origami sales. Two large-ish wedding-related orders, and then a HUGE order to a luxury hotel. Over $1000 in sales of ORIGAMI in ONE WEEK. What?! That's something I never could have imagined in a million years, either as a 10 year old struggling to learn how to fold a crane from a library book or the adult me of a few years ago who started folding again for stress relief and then decided to open an etsy shop in part just to get rid of the huge piles of paper animals I'd created. I hardly expect that this kind of sales week will be a regular occurrence (though the huge hotel order will probably be a recurring one), but I am heartened at the possibilities for what I can do with this little hobby side business. And this week's sales are a major blessing coming after several months in a row of unexpected financial burden and just before the summer semester of teaching, which pays less than the rest of the year. I can breathe a sigh of relief after this week. 

What I read this week:

What I learned this week:

To say that I'm not a morning person is an understatement. So, having almost never been outside during the early morning hours, I had NO IDEA that dandelions closed up at night. I was baffled this morning when I headed out to the car and walked through the backyard (that just yesterday had been a sea of yellow) but saw no dandelions. Kinda blew my mind to learn this little fact that most of y'all probably already knew. But in case you didn't....dandelions close up at night!!

On the MS front:

Nothing to really report. The bladder situation has significantly improved, and no other weird things have been going on. I hope it's been a similarly MS-problem-free kind of week for the rest of you as well!

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