Saturday, May 28, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 21 of 2016

The view from here:

I started my daily Vitamin D practice (getting 20-ish minutes of direct sun without sunscreen) this week, though it was rainy/cloudy a few of the days. It's been nice, especially since I use this as a time to read, something I have not had much time at all to do this week otherwise.

Where I get my vitamin D. A cozy little backyard patio.

Blissful reading time.

Grilled a few times this week. Love grilling season!

What I made this week:

A few different frittatas. This is a Greek one, with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and feta.

Still all elephants, all the time up in here.

Except not really, since (for a custom order) I'm also folding horses, butterflies, foxes,
rabbits, dinosaurs, flowers, pigs, fish, and a few other creatures.
This is a swallow, a bird I HATE for it's-kind-of-a-long-story reasons.
But it's also a bird that makes me laugh because a lady I used to
live near once warned me to "Beware the swallows!!"

P.S. HEATHER - do you recognize the "folding table" I'm using here??
[Yes, I'm trying to trick you into commenting again. ;-) ]

On the MS front:

Nothing really. But I did forget to mention one thing in last week's post. At the pre-Tysabri infusion doc appointment, my RIGHT leg kind of failed part of the neuro exam. As in not the leg that was super weak a bit ago, but the other one! I hadn't noticed anything in real life, so I was pretty surprised at how poorly it failed the test. I still don't really notice anything, but I guess I haven't exactly done a "leg day" at the gym in a while. Just walking around and sitting/standing work just fine. Hopefully it will be cleared up by the time of my next appointment. In general, though, the Tysabri is doing it's job. At the last appt, the doc said that I should be a spokesperson for Tysabri because it just works for me in a way nothing else does. (If you're reading this, Biogen, call me! ;) ) All the other crap like constant tingling and numbness, and bladder stuff, and weakness, and relapses are gone gone gone. (I'm choosing to ignore the current weird right leg thing.)

Hosta la vista!!


Garrett said...

Yay for grilling season, which is actually all year for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course! That is the photo album from the cruise. Very nice choice--I loved the beautiful sunsets! :) I was actually looking at the picture more closely trying to figure out if it was that before I scrolled down to you note. Tricky, tricky you. If I comment on every blog do I get a pass on my post? Hehe. Just kidding...I will eventually write it; I promise. ~ Heather

Kayla said...

Hey there, Anonymous Heather, this is me responding to your comment!! ;-)