Saturday, May 21, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 20 of 2016

Wow, we're already TWENTY weeks into the year? And I've posted consistently for 20 weeks now? Both facts seem shocking. 

The view from here:

still plugging away on that big origami magnet order
Tysabri Round 2: Infusion 2
(I didn't keep track of my infusion count the last time around, but I'm going to try to this time.
Total count for lifetime infusions is getting close to 100, by my rough calculations.)
How cool is this vein light??? I had never seen this before.
My veins are usually great, but this time the nurse #1 stuck me 3 times before giving up.
The replacement nurse used this thing and got it right in.
Right in my wrist, though, which was a weird location.

when the nurse walks in on you taking silly selfies with the MS posters

and it's not just any DQ, people, it is a nationally-recognized-for-being-the-best DQ.
(I honestly only go here maybe 5 times in a year, but this is an area where Yelp is not used
by many people...but I'll still take the victory and wear the crown with pride.)

backyard pretties

more backyard pretties

first time grilling this season!

What I read this week:

Insurgent by Veronica Roth. And the final book in the trilogy is waiting for me at the library!

I mentioned the blog Tripping on Air the other week. Great writing and such a great blog name! Another new-to-me MS blog that I've been reading this week (thanks to author Spencer leaving a comment on my Mother's Day post) is Across the Blood-Brain Barrier, another awesome name for an MS blog. Spencer has a relatively new diagnosis, though he's had symptoms on and off for 17 years. Welcome to the MS family! I guess it's like being adopted by really crappy parents, but you now have lots of cool siblings who can help you deal with it all. Spencer is going it without any drug for now (which I have some pretty strong mixed feelings about, but it's his decision, of course), but I love this post on the best treatments for MS. Right on!

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