Monday, July 4, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 26 of 2016

As I mentioned yesterday, this was a busy and exhausting week. It was a lot of fun, but I'm pretty done in now, and it will probably take a week or so just to recover. I won't write much today, but here are a few pictures highlighting the fun from this week with my super cool niece. I have at least temporarily lost many of the photos I took this week due to my phone suffering the latest in a series of unfortunate injuries, but here are a few plus some from my mom's phone.

The view from here:

Saw a sweet sunset.

Spent a LOT of time (around 25 hours) in a car,
only half of which was with this awesome travel buddy.

Rollerblading at the rollerskating rink!

Did some shopping.

This girl made some delicious chocolate chip cookies and I ate them.

Visited the tree this girl planted several years ago before she moved away.
It's growing up, just like her!

Swimming at the beach!

Played at a few different parks.

Swam at the pool!

Ate at the best Pizza Ranch.

Tried out a new hairstyle. Can I pull this off?

Netflix and color.

Not pictured in this week of fun:
  • I told LOTS of stories.
  • We ate LOTS of ice cream.
  • We listened to and sang LOTS of Taylor Swift/Meghan Trainor/Katy Perry/etc.

What I made this week:

This was technically a part of this last week, but it was the day before the fun-with-niece time started:

Bacon on the grill, along with veggie foil packets.

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