Saturday, July 30, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 30 of 2016

Wow, I've kept this weekly post thing up for 30 weeks now. I've smoked last year with only 4 posts in all of 2015, and I'm on track to beat my record of 59 posts in a year from 2011. Thanks to those of you following along. The 2nd in my series of posts on my MS symptoms went up yesterday.

The view from here:

worst ever experience at the Walgreens pharmacy drive-through this week.
45 minutes of waiting...getting to the window only to be told to drive around to the back of the line while they finished getting my med ready (even though their website told me it was already ready!), only to do so and just be told the same thing, and then finally one time it's "ready" but they ask did I just want the 15? (for my 90ct script) to which I said huh? no. and they were like, oh ok, so you want the entire prescription to be filled? our bad. just drive around to the back of the line and it'll be ready when you come back through. GRRR. it appeared to be new employees that day, but still. WOW.

Blue skies and raindrops.

This was a really great cloud day.

Sunflower season.

Great clouds and farmland. 

What I made this week:

Spicy Asian flavors Bok Choy on the grill

Bruschetta with basil from my little herb garden.

What I read this week:

Another winner from BuzzFeed: 15 Words That Mean Something Totally Different When You Have A Chronic Illness

Woman With MS Makes It Her Mission To Run A Marathon On Every Continent I was seeing this story shared a lot online, and at first I was kind of annoyed. I feel like stories of people doing incredible things that many/most people with MS could never do can be inspiring, but it can also be damaging to MS visibility and awareness because people will think/assume that MS must not be that bad if people can run marathons and climb Everest and so on. They will assume that all people with MS must be the happy/healthy/athletic people we see in the magazine ads for MS drugs. And for all of us with a very different picture of what MS looks like and for whom it limits at least some of what we can do, it just makes it feel more isolating. However, when I actually read this article (rather than just feeling slightly annoyed and ignoring it whenever I saw it pop up), it was totally inspiring specifically because this woman really does have MS problems that affect her and her ability to run, but she's doing it anyway.

I really enjoyed this post from Damsel in a Dress (not an MS blog, but the author has Lupus and was told it was probably MS before finally being diagnosed...and it's a very relatable blog for all chronic illnesses): HOW TO USE THE INTERNET WHEN YOUR FRIEND HAS A CHRONIC ILLNESS

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