Saturday, August 13, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 32 of 2016

This is technically my second post of the day, as the post I wrote yesterday didn't get posted until after midnight. I wrote about trouble walking as part of my MS Symptoms Top 10 Countdown series.

This week included a fast weekend trip to hang with my niece to pack in a little fun before it's back to school time for her. As always, it was a blast but it's left me feeling pretty wiped out. I haven't been very productive or all that functional this week. It's only fitting that the post I'm going to write this week for the Symptom Countdown series is going to be fatigue. MS fatigue is a beast, and it's way more than just feeling tired.

The view from here:

For this little fashionista, thrift store shopping means trying things on and striking a pose.

My niece is into so many things that I was NOT at all into at her age - fashion, dolls, etc. I've learned to enjoy doing these kinds of things with her, but it was a real treat to do something with her on this trip that I was all about at her age: playing basketball. I was shooting hoops constantly at her age. It was too hot out to play for long, but it was a definite highlight of the weekend for me.

Pretty impressed I made this shot on the first try
while only looking at my phone to try to get the picture.

She shoots...she scores!

Two girls and a pig in their swimsuits, ready to cool off in the pool.

She loved giving me piggy back rides and carrying me around.

Weirdly woke up before her one morning. Loved the snuggles and watching her peacefully doze.

Selfie with Izzy and Holly, all vacantly staring in our own directions.


Roasting marshmallows for smores!


A small sampling of the 175 pictures of clouds I took in the last week or so.

I used to be a NYT crossword kind of girl, but these days the People magazine
one is more up my alley. I know too much about pop culture. Powered through four
of these on the road trip, and then did the last one during my Tysabri infusion.
The Olympics made my infusion a little more fun this month.
Having spent time in Brazil and having quite a few Brazilian friends,
it's been interesting to watch the situation in Rio as well as all the athletics.

A few sort of productive things I did this week:

Replaced a headlight, only to realize that the bulb was never the issue. The wire connecting to the bulb was
barely holding together. And then it snapped and the little metal connector piece fell somewhere
in the mess under the hood. I spent almost 45 minutes trying to A. find it and then B. actually reach
and retrieve it. Somehow I eventually got it, re-stripped the wire and attached it with electrical tape
and now the light is working. Who knows if my fix will actually last. I really have no business doing this kind of thing.

I "fixed" these awesome dollar store socks. I mean, was this not OBVIOUS?

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