Saturday, September 17, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 37 of 2016

Another week where I took very few pictures. I did write another symptom post, though, about itching. Only 4 posts to go in this 10 top MS symptoms countdown, and a few of them are doozies.

The view from here:
Finally shipped off these 300 origami elephants for the world record attempt.
I hope we make it!

Just snapchatting with Ken, as one does.

Big week, folks. I finally purchased a squatty potty.
These results are not typical, but so far I do think it's a good thing.

I finally opened a separate Instagram for my origami pics: @elegamipapercrafts.
My other account @nelsonkl23 will still be mostly nature and food and such.

What I made this week:

Lemon basil pesto...shown here in perfectly portioned freezer bags.
Basil from my backyard!

More of my fave garlic lemon grilled (locally grown) green beans.
Plus bruschetta and more grilling of amazing local veggies.

What I read this week:

Save Me by Lisa Scottoline

In MS reading, I enjoyed If I'd Never Met You by Cat Stappas.

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