Saturday, September 24, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 38 of 2016

I'm working on my next symptom series post. It should be coming at you in a few days! There will also be a related post that I'm working on for this topic that I'm very excited about, a collaboration with my sistar.

This week in MS news:
I had an MRI this week and got mostly good news. The MRI 6 months ago was devastating with extensive disease progression, tons of new lesions, and tons of enhancing lesions. Since then, I stopped the drugs that were doing nada and got back on my beloved and trustworthy Tysabri. I knew I was doing better, but the MRI confirmed this. The overall report was that pretty much all lesions were much smaller and there were no new lesions. There is still one enhancing area, which sucks, but overall I'm happy.

I kind of fell down the stairs today, or 6-7 steps anyway. I don't know what happened exactly. I think I just kind of slipped, but maybe it was partially my wonky balance acting up. I kind of caught myself so I didn't fall allllll the way down.I have a bruised bum and a bruised ego, but I'm not otherwise hurt. It has me thinking about the future and how being in a home without stairs might be better for me, sadly.

The view from here:

don't these clouds kinda look like waves?

nighttime moon + clouds

freshly picked raspberries from a friend! the best.

Fall is my fave but around here it's over in 2 seconds. :-(
(there are already some trees in town that have fully turned color and shed ALL of their leaves.)

mushroom architecture on a tree stump, a combo of gross + pretty

there was a most spectacular sunset this week. 

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