Saturday, October 22, 2016

This Week in My Life: Week 42 of 2016

As I mentioned last week, I spent the majority of this week on a pretty last minute road trip with my friend Heather. She was moving across the country and her husband wasn't able to make the trip with her. I happily filled in to be the keep-her-awake road warrior partner for the journey. We planned our route around some pretty places we wanted to stop - Tahoe, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone. Unfortunately, it was pretty crappy weather (rainy, snowy, foggy, overcast, COLD) pretty much the whole time. We did have some moments of blue skies and luckily it cleared up enough so we both weren't 100% bummed about not getting to see what we had wanted to see. It was a very fun trip. Lots of pretty sights and some good bonding time as well. I am now, of course, absolutely exhausted.  And I'm off on another short trip (to visit my sistar in D.C.) in just a few weeks, so I've got to rest up! Here is a random assortment of pictures quickly picked from the 800+ that I took, in no particular order.

The view from here:

Lake Tahoe. still pretty even though it was extremely overcast.

Bonneville Salt Flats
REFLECTIONS are the best!

pretty drive through part of Idaho.

that's a moose!

lots of animal friends!

Love the fall colors against the snow even though I hate snow.

Clouds were significantly less obtrusive on the second day.
Wish they would have gotten a little higher, though.


quadruple mmmm: autumn colors, water, clouds, mountains.

ew. snow is gross.

Old Faithful

okay, I guess parts of North Dakota are pretty. ;-) for Gwen

The sun setting on an epic road trip.

One little MS tidbit/rant. I got a letter today from MS One to One, congratulating me on it being one year since I started Aubagio. That's true, but it's also been 7-8 months since I STOPPED taking Aubagio. They say they've enjoyed speaking to me this past year, but they only spoke to me in those few months I was taking the drug and they were then made aware that I was no longer taking the drug. So, dear MS One to One and/or Sanofi Genzyme if you're reading this (haha, you never know), your marketing department needs some help. Maybe you should hire some people with MS who know what all of this (including all of the marketing info and constant stream of mail from drug companies) is like. I also found it hilarious that the letter was addressed to Mr./Ms. Nelson. Also pretty sure they knew my gender, but whatev!

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