Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Things Friday: Symptoms & More!

Who doesn't love a good list? This new series, 5 Things Friday, will just be various lists of 5 things. To make this seem cooler, I even made this:

Now that you're thoroughly convinced on the coolness factor, here we go! Since this is an MS blog, I'll start with an MS-related list. Since we are all not only our disease, I'll also throw in a more general about me kind of list.

Five MS Symptoms I've Experienced

  1. numbness
  2. assorted paraesthesia: tingling, itching, buzzing, etc.
  3. bladder & bowel issues
  4. foot drop
  5. double vision
(unfortunately, this is not a comprehensive list, but a mere sampling)

Five of my Favorites

  1. color: green (much to the dismay of my pink & yellow loving niece who tells me that I should not have green as my favorite color because "it's the color of POISON!")
  2. movie: Life is Beautiful
  3. music: In terms of genre, classical. If forced to choose favorite composer, probably Beethoven
  4. book: I couldn't choose even if you tried to force me, so pleases don't try. It's hard to find a book that I don't like. I end up finding something to like/love in pretty much everything I read.
  5. food: Thai. Mexican and Indian are runners up.
There you go. Now you know a few more things about me! Have a wonderful weekend!

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