Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday: bloggers

I think a regular practice of keeping a gratitude journal or just taking time to reflect on things we are thankful for is an important part of living our best lives. And sometimes sharing these thoughts with others is a great means of spreading the love - thus, the Thursday edition of the weekday blog series I'm trying out.

What better topic for my first Thankful Thursday post than blogs and bloggers? There are so many wonderful blogs out there in web-land and I have far too many to ever stay on top of on several different topics. I'm amazed at the number of MS blogs out there and wish I had the time and energy to explore more of them. I have  found a handful, though, that I'm truly thankful for and I try to keep up with everything they write. I'll highlight just a few in this post and will highlight a few more next Thursday. If you aren't already reading the following blogs, you should be!

I am thankful for Lisa Emrich, the blogging superstar responsible for the big MS blogger list, the organizer of Carnival of MS bloggers, and author of Brass and Ivory. Lisa is such a great source of information and she stays on top of all the latest MS news. She also shares my passion for music and often posts great videos of fun or inspiring music.

I am thankful for Kate Wolfe-Jenson, artist and author and inspiration of Dancing with Monsters. I adore the way Kate thinks and writes. She often makes me reflect and think about things in different ways. I always leave her blog feeling inspired. I recently purchased her book and can't wait to dive into that as well.

I am thankful for Judy of Peace Be With You, the wonderful poet of haiku in triptych. I love the choice of medium and the way she fits powerful insights, images and emotions into 51 syllables post after post.

What are you thankful for on this lovely Thursday?


Peace Be With You said...

Kayla, thank you so much. It makes me motivated to continue writing my poems when I hear from readers like you.

Lisa Emrich said...

Thank you!! I am so glad to know wonderful bloggers such as yourself and you've listed me in such great company. Like Judy says, the support from readers like you provide the motivation to continue participating in this wonderful community. It has become a large portion of my life, while music will always be my first love.

Lisa Emrich said...

P.S. I think that this will be a great series and feature space for which I am thankful. :)