Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This Month: February 2017, part 2

Let's start with good news, the best news. If you missed my birthday blues post, I was in that point of medication-insurance-terror I know all too well. Med got approved, just in the nick of time!! I was pretty shocked that it happened as quickly as it did. I still live in great trepidation of the future of insurance and coverage and expect continual struggles with getting this and other drugs. But for now, I'm okay. Thanks to the loved ones who sent their support and offered their help. And, don't worry, my annual birthday blues didn't turn on to a full-on funk. I always tend somewhat toward the melancholic, but I'm mostly happy these days. I'll dive deep into mood soon, in one of the last posts in the symptoms series.

The view from here:

sparkling snow

INSANE weather month! this is NOT NORMAL for a MN Feb.
but it was awesome! soooooo warm, felt like spring, and the snow was GONE!
and then we had a THUNDERSTORM.
sadly, none of this lasted. scroll down to see the sad continuation of this story.

bday facetiming with a dog. :-D
I think this is her reaction to my insurance nightmare.

bday flowers

winter returned. :-(


oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

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