Friday, March 31, 2017

This Month: March 2017, part 2

The view from here:

watching a livestream of my brother-in-law's US Navy Band Concert

Because nobunny knows Easter better than Cadbury.


my happy place. for real, I typically love my time in the MRI machine!
(well, usually. this was not my best time ever.)

first DQ of the season from the one specific DQ location that truly deserves the title of Queen

Springtime blooming, courtesy of my gardener extraordinaire friend

I got the brain model room again!
I was tickled to see the models are now cleaned and sanitized! ;-) 

that makes 3/12 for the year on private room versus cramped, loud, torture chamber spaces with all of the people

the infusion was fine until this rabbit floated into the room on a cloud

Coming Soon:

  • A small rant on 4 recent articles about MS that I found to be more than a tad upsetting.
  • An update on my MS generally, including my MRI results from this week which I found not as upsetting as those articles but not at all delightful.
  • Maybe maybe maybe one of those last 2 symptoms series posts.
  • A guest post from a friend!

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Ramona Jacobs said...

There are even MORE crocus blooming now. Springing up like it's Spring or something! Little blue Scilla peaking up too!